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So many individuals have leverage themselves on entertainment and sport niche or category alone, meanwhile, there are hundreds of blogging niches to key into.

Before going into any blogging niche the basic questions to ask yourself are;

How much unique contents can I provide on daily basis?
How long will I last in this Niche?
Is it worth blogging about?
Do I really have passion for it?
If so, will I rely on other blogs on content creation?
I know ignorance might contribute to some of the reasons why people choise unprofitable blogging categories.

Therefore, I have taken time to compile lists of lucrative and profitable blogging niches to start and how to make money from them.

If you want to start your own blogging business, here are top 65 different blogging niches (categories) to start this year and make money from them.

Profitable Blogging Categories

Table Of Contents

Insurance Niche

Insurance is one of the most profitable niche for those of you guys that want to monetize AdSense.

Traveling Blogger

If you love traveling, here is a very nice and profitable niche too. You can post pictures of different locations you’ve visited and write reviews of how the city or area is.

And you can attract brands to your blog to buy advertising space.

Fashion Blogger

If fashion is the category you specialize on, you can start a blog related to the subject and then work with fashion companies, to generate ads or sponsored posts opportunities.

Beauty Blogger

Likewise, you can work with beauty brands by starting a blog about makeup, hair, cosmetics or other beauty related topics.

DIY Blogger

You could also start a blog that features a lot of DIY tutorials and projects and then work with craft brands and other companies that might provide some of the supplies you need.

Recipe Blogger

Food brands can also provide opportunities for bloggers to earn income, if you start a blog that provides recipes and other food related content.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing can be a great way for bloggers to earn cool income. You can start a blog in basically any niche and use affiliate links to promote products or services from other brands and earn a percentage of each sale that you send their way.

Lifestyle Blogger

You could also potentially start a blog that covers several different subject areas and call it a lifestyle blog.

Then you could potentially work with brands in a variety of different industries.

Freelance Blogger

If you want to get paid to blog, you can offer your services as a freelance blogger to other businesses and publications that will pay for your expertise.

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Ghost Blogger

You could also offer your services as a ghost blogger, where you can essentially write content for other bloggers which they publish as their own.


If you’re able to build up a huge amount of followers and some influence with that following, you can work with brands to promote products or services as an influencer.

Blogger with Advertisers

You can also earn an income as a blogger by offering visual advertising opportunities on your sidebar or other parts of your blog.

Email Marketer

Bloggers also often have the ability to start a significant following with their email newsletters, which you can also use to sell various products or services.

eBook Author

You can also use your writing skills to put together and publish ebooks. And you can use your blog as a way to showcase your talents for potential readers.


Or you could opt to sell other types of informational products like forms or guides. And use your blog as a platform to showcase your expertise and facilitate the sale of those products.

Online Course Creator

Online courses can also be a great way for bloggers to earn money. You can use blogging as a way to build your expertise and then host your courses on your website or email list.

Product Reviewer

You can also review products from various companies on your blog in exchange for a fee.

Or you could work with brands to put together sponsored posts on your blog as a way of earning an income from blogging.

Business Blogger

If you’re knowledgeable about business topics, you can start your own business blog as a way of building up your influence and expertise so you can offer business consulting, coaching or similar services.

Social Media Blogger

Similarly, you can start a blog about social media and use that as a way to market social media management or consulting services.

Event Blogger

You can also cover different events on your blog and charge a fee to promote them or even use your blog to promote your own event planning services.

Email Newsletter Writer

If you want to actually write for other companies on a freelance basis, you could also offer your services as an email marketing expert or writer.

Tech Blogger

For those whose expertise lies in the technology industry, you could start a blog about tech and then work with brands in that niche.

Membership Site Creator

You could also earn an income by starting a blog on a specific topic and then offering a membership section of your site that people can access for a regular fee.

Industry News Site Creator

Of course, you could specialize in covering news related to a specific industry and market your content and marketing services to companies in that niche.

Comedy Writer

If you have a great sense of humor, you could try to channel that into a humorous blog where you could sell ad space or earn income from affiliate programs.

Legal Consultation Blog

That’s a nice and untapped or less competitive niche. Are you good in legal services or are you a legal practitioner?

If yes, you can open a Legal Consultation Blog in which people consult on different legal cases while you charge them to offer the solutions.

Crypto-Currency Blogger

Are you good in Crypto? You can start a Crypto coaching blog and charge people to coach them on Crypto while you also sell your coins (bit coins).

Giveaway Blogger

Giveaways are also incredibly popular in the blog world. So you could specialize in hosting those contests and even charging a fee for brands that want to take part.

Photography Blogger

If you’re a photographer, you can use blogging as a way to share your work so that you can gain clients. Or you can use it as a way to offer your own photos for sales as downloads.

Fitness Blogger

Or if you specialize in fitness, you can use blogging to earn an income and to promote your services to potential clients.

Web Design Blogger

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And believe me, even if you don’t have knowledge of coding and how to design you can still make money from it.

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You can charge the clients high and give the web designer at a bargained rate. And make your percentage. That’s business!

Mobile App Blogger

Or you could specialize in blogging about mobile apps and then work with mobile app companies to offer ad space, affiliate links or even offer your own app development services or apps for download. Simple!

Gaming Blogger

You can also start a blog about video games and similar topics and then work with gaming brands to earn an income.

Family Blogger

It’s also possible to start a blog about your own family or one that offers tips on family related topics and then work with brands that want to market family related products.

Parenting and Motherhood Blogger

If you’re a parents or you have basic tips for parenting, pregnancy, motherhood, and other related topics, you can make money from that and also from potential clients that come for help.

Education Blogger

You could specialize in blogging about educational topics and then work with educational institutions or companies that make educational materials.

Finance Blogger

You could start a blog about financial topics as a way to share your expertise and offer financial services or products.

How-to Blogger

If you start a blog that offers instructions for people on how to do anything from losing weight to learning an instrument, you could potentially turn it into a business by offering more in-depth guides for sale or working with brands that relate to your instructional posts.

Directory Site Operator

For bloggers who specialize in pretty much any subject, you could also start an income stream by having a directory section of your site where you charge businesses or individuals a listing fee.

Job Board Operator

If your blog topic relates to jobs at all, you could potentially start a job board on your blog as well and charge businesses a fee to list their openings.

Banking Niche

It’s similar to Finance, but here you give guides on how to save money, invest, and different banking systems that are good.

You can tap into this Niche as it is an untapped and low competitive niche.

Blogging Coach

For those who have a lot of experience in blogging, you could start a business as a coach for other bloggers to help them get off the ground.

Community Leader

You could also start your own community on your blog or another platform and use that as a way to monetize your blogging skills.

Industry Thought Leader

Or you could build a business as a thought leader in a specific niche or industry and use blogging as your main way of showcasing your expertise for hire as a consultant, coach or speaker.

e-commerce Blogger

If you run an e-commerce business, you can use your blog as way to promote your products on other sites or sell them directly from your blog.


You could also build a business as a copywriter and use blogging as a way to show potential clients your writing skills.

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Printable Seller

If you’re a skilled designer, you could showcase your design skills on your blog and then use it as a place to sell printable(s) of your work that customers can download.

Workshop Host

You can also blog about a specific topic and then host workshops related to that topic, either in person or online, and earn an income from that.

Conference Host

Or you could set up a larger conference type event related to your blog and use that as a source of income.


If you want to start a podcast, you can easily use a blog site as a way to host and sum up all of your episodes so that listeners can easily access content and learn more about your podcast.

And you can be hired to speak in events through your blog.

SEO Blogger

If your area of expertise is Search Engine Optimization.

You can start a blog base on the topics and provide some tips and people will come to you to make their blog rank in Google first page.


Likewise, you could start your own video blog and then also have your own site where you can host ads or earn income in other ways.

Blog Seller

Or you could start a blog, create content, build up an audience and then sell that blog to someone who doesn’t want to start from scratch.

Blogging Tutor

If you want to help beginners learn the very basic technical or writing elements behind blogging, you could start a tutoring service and render blogging tips and advice.

Underwritten Post Writer

Underwritten posts are like sponsored posts, but the main content is completely your own and there’s only a small section at the bottom that includes information about your sponsor. This is another way bloggers can earn money from blogging.

Premium Content Seller

You could also have a blog where you share some content for free, but offer some other, more advanced content for a fee.

Engineering Niche

If you’re good at engineering field or that’s your area of expertise, you can setup a blog centered on the topics and see clients bounce to you for help.

What Next?

I know you might not be a web designer and you doesn’t know were to begin, therefore, you can contact us for a free consultation and get a professional website of your choice.

We can also offer you the basic and secondary guides on how to become a Professional Blogger irrespective of your niche.


Here you can see that no matter what you do, be it Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, Midwives, Business man or woman, Student etc. You fan own a blog and also generate money from it.

Now take just 2 minutes to tell us how you benefit from this post and also feel free to add your own blogging category .

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